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Collaborative Brand Focused on IRL Licensed Retail Goods, Mobile, Web2 & Web3.

One of the First Original & Digital Creator Brands Launched 28 Years Ago!


i-Create Current Projects & Programs:

10,000+ Combined Licensed & Listed SKUs (Goal for 2024 = 50,000 SKUs).

Listed Across IRL Wholesale & Retail, Web2 Marketplace & DTC. Licensed Goods

in over 16,000 IRL Retail Locations 2023/2024 (Goal Combined for 2024: 25,000

Locations: This includes over 80,000 IRL Licensed Units Sold in IRL Retail going into 2024. 

i-Create and its IPs have an Amazon Merch on Demand High Tier (Able to List 1.3M Items)


30,000 NFTs Minted & Collected (Primary)


4 iOS F2P Mobile Games

4 iOS Sticker Packs


Licensed Casino Web2/Mobile Game Distributed in 30 Countries.

New Books Released on Amazon 2024.

#1 Ranked Domain Name on Google above Billions of Results (More Below). 

i-Create Offerings: 

​2000 Single Composed (Revised & Updated 2023) (Original & Editable Vector Format ready for Transparent PNG Formatting and Sizing) (Solid Thumbnails of Each Composed Design with Backgrounds are Included) All this includes Humor Novelty, Themed Holidays,

Fitness Gym, Top Sports Categories, Americana, Street & Surf Lifestyle, Zombies, Aliens, Animals,

Fun Characters, Pride, Fashion Styles and so Much More!

150 All-Over Original Repeat PNG Solid Patterns (includes Vector Format) These are the Coolest Repeat Styles Out There.


100+ PNG Patterns (includes Vector Format). Only the Neatest Trend Worthy Original Multi-Color Camos, Multi-Color Flannels, Colorful Argyles, Blockchain Graph Styles Out There!


150 Transparent PNG Elements (includes Vector Format) Float them on top, combine and more. Paint Splatters, Drips, Dancing Skeletons, Urban Painted Graffiti and More.


225+ JPG Solid Textures like Wicked Marbleizing Solids, Colorful Street Light Flashes, Bricks Walls, Leather, Outdoor Elements and Much More!


150 Additional Composed Fun Slap-On JPG Solid Images. These are Really Neat!


This includes 10,000+ other Digital Art Assets in Categories from Exercise Fitness Icons, Home & Office, AV Assets

(2D objects that look like 3D), Art Images, Web and Panel/Screen Buttons.

On Top of This: The Brand has 6 More Character & Art IP NFT Generative 10Ks: 60,000 Combined Assets.

We also have an Exciting IP Pop-Art Character Brand for Review and Represented by USA & Asia Agencies.


i-Create also has a couple of other Really Fun, Super-Narrative, Multi-Character, IPs for Licensing & Review. 

Thanks for the Rank!

We want to Thank the Recent Creator Economy (Web2, Web3, Influencers, Artists/Creators, etc) for Helping

the i-Create Brand Rank Number One on Google when both "i" and "create" words combined are searched.

Raking Number One above Billions of Searches is a Great Organic Achievement for the Brand.

SEO Played its Roll Well with one of the First Listed (1996) Creative Domain Names and Artistic Brand Out There.  

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