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i-Create International, Inc. has been licensing and distributing its original, fashionable, colorful and fun content since January 1996 (pre-launched in late 1995). Our licensed content/assets have been on hundreds of category products, especially apparel in multiple mid, mass, value, upper and specialty retailers across the US. Our spin-off programs from partners have showcased our art on many categories across Retail/Movies/TV (below). 


i-Create has one of the Largest Library of (100% Owned & Copyrighted) Digital Assets, and one of the only Diversified Novelty/Lifestyle/Fashion Licensed Brand that is fully prepared and formatted for both POD/DTG/DTC Retail and Shareable Media!

Formatting and composing styles for POD is a science besides applying great talent. We have 25 years in this industry. You need to know what works with what type of variant and the template layout (and safe zone) of the item itself. This is one of our specialties as a Licensed Brand that is ready for POD.   

Our Brand i-Create is currently licensed and found at Hot Topic, Box Lunch and Zedge Premium Mobile Marketplace. i-Create can also be found on thousands of items located on Amazon. That's currently over 12,000 i-Create Licensed SKUs combined, selling today with over 15,000+ SKUs planned by the end of 2020 and going into 2021. Introducing our newest partnership for 300 i-Create Licensed Face Mask Styles (150 Adult Styles and 150 Kid Styles) sold on both Amazon and Walmart (through Popfunk Storefronts by Trevco).

Our 100+ Character Property (Created in 1997), Minook and the Brainbots (MinookandtheBrainbots.com) is in talks with a new international digital gaming project. Although this property is 24 years old this upcoming year, we are re-debuting it because today's trend and consumer generation works well with it. Exciting News Coming this Late Fall 2020!


Current Partners / Licensees Itemized:
-Premium Licensee/Retail/eCommerce: Hot Topic (3200+ T-Shirt SKUs)
-Premium Licensee/Retail/eCommerce: Box Lunch (3500+ T-Shirt SKUs)

-Premium Mobile Partner: Zedge Premium Mobile Wallpapers (200+ Digital SKUs)

-Premium Marketplace eCommerce Licensee: Trevco/Popfunk eShops on Amazon & Walmart (300 Adult & Kid Licensed Face Mask SKUs)
-Amazon MBA: (6500+ ASINs) T-Shirts/Sweatshirts/Hoodies/Popsockets/Cellphone Cases (i-Create owns a 20,000 ASIN Merch-by-Amazon Tier)

Our Licensing Partners market our licensed items through their Subscription Email Campaigns, Third-Party Affiliate Programs, Targeted PPC Programs, Social Media Distribution, Mobile Deck Promotions, etc. Through these partnerships, our items are Top Ranked on Google and in Google Shopping including Pinned and Tagged by many Fans of the Brand.


We also recently acquired the domain name GayPrideWear.com to Highlight and Point to our our 2000+ Licensed, Multi-Gender-Pride SKUs, combined and found at Hot Topic, Box Lunch and Amazon.  


In 1996, we started out as clipart and stock art creators/owner/licensors. We also were one the first to have animated GIF characters online, character based craft web site portals, and more. We landed contracts with Corel, RomTech, eGames, Art Today, Hemera, Graphic Corp, Nova Development, IMSI, and more. We ended up then having an acquisition by Corel Corporation with certain assets they licensed exclusively during the end of their clipart /stockart licensing term.    

This past art above also has been a part of licensing, sub-licensing and cameos in: Crayola Products, Tropicana OJ Containers, Sherwood Brands Easter Baskets, CarbSense, KidZup CDs, Barron’s Books, Nutra Prep, Thompson Cigars Labels, Micro Mags, Kalan Patches, FAF Storage, Corel Corporation Clipart, Hemera Clipart, Graphic Corp Clipart, Nova Development & RomTech Software Clipart Products (Independently Developed the full line (4 Volumes) of award winning: stick figure "Not Just Another Clipart" series by RomTech), IMSI Software Clipart and in Movies such as Daddy Day Care (the Sun Smile on the Van and Kiddy Art on Flyers/Banners), Kicking and Screaming Book, Drowning Mona (Landscaping Tees Lawnmower) and TV shows (props/signage) such like iCarly and Ned’s Declassified, also in children's program like Baby Genius Videos...and Much More!

Mobile: A few years later, our company owned-content-and-assets were distributed on 25+ Top Tier 1 & 2 International Carrier Decks (such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Virgin, Rogers, T-Mobile, etc), Paid Decks, Content Subscription Apps and Stand-Alone iPhone Apps. In 2004, we were one of the first to distribute ASCII and Emojis (we called Emojis Icons back then). Before the iPhone debut, we registered two copyrighted collections in 2006 and 2007 housing loads of assets titled: i-Create Mobile 2006 Wallpaper Collection and  i-Create Mobile 2007 Wallpaper Collection (these collections had what we call the first emojis to be copyrighted, such like the smiley with sunglasses, the devil emoji, the dead emoii (Xs for Eyes), etc. We continued through 2014 to aggregate and distribute thousands of wallpapers around the globe on international carrier decks, along with #1 sellers on AT&T (some sold upwards 200,000 units in one month).  We also were part of many stand-alone iPhone apps and games after 2008. We then started distributing stickers. Going back to 1996, we registered and copyrighted an ASCII art collection titled "E-mail O'Glyphics" (remember, there was no character-texting back then). In retrospect, we believe we predicted the future of fun sharing assets in this industry for sure. 

Apparel & Accessories: With the popularity of our licensed mobile assets, we landed an apparel (and other goods) licensing program Under Private Label Distributors in 2007 throughout 2017 - Brick and Mortar Retailers include:  Macy's, JCP Department Store & JCP Outlet, Paradies Shops, Sears, Kohl’s, Dillards, Sharpes, Nexcom, Burlington, Winners, Meijer’s, Kmart, Ross, DD’s, Stage, Bealls, Peebles, Dollar General, Gabriel Brothers, Bob’s Stores, Forman Mills, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Vanity Fair, Target, AAFES, Gordmans, Belk, Bermo, Rue 21, Zulily, Fred Meyer and many more. Some of our Best Selling Tee Styles have independently sold over $1M retail per SKU in both the short and long term. We had many best sellers. 

Going into the ...NOW...

In 2017, we decided to go fully sustainable, digital and re-evaluated the 100% ownership to our brand, asset library and derivatives to go further into the future of eCommerce. In mid 2019, we restructured our Brand, Licensing Business Model and Program to be fully digital.  Hot Topic and Box Lunch joined up as our first retail licensees and partners. Our current 10,000+ assets/derivatives are protected under multiple IP registrations (below). 

Licensing & Collaborations Available:


​We offer all types of Licensing from Tangible Manufacturing to Digital/Intangible/Assets and Distribution.

We offer Traditional Licensing for all and any type of product line that could use our pick-me-up and out-of-the-box styles and assets. We have thousands of composed styles, character and element stickers for messaging apps, meme type of shareable images, animated GIFs, digital stickers, styles for apparel, accessories & decor, patterns & repeats for many types of items, loads of fun original characters, single art assets for craft kits, art for stationery, assets for mobile / AI / virtual worlds / console / Apps / PC games (playing assets like icons, characters, player pics, completed images for casino slots, assets for decals on avatar/player clothing, environmental decals for interiors, exteriors, object textures, etc). It’s an open style guide housing loads of assets and more! In fact, we have over 10,000 assets in all backed up by copyright protection under multiple registrations. 


We have then crafted our original and traditional program into a Sustainable, Very Popular, Print-on-Demand Licensing Program. With over 2500 fresh, trending, fully-formatted styles (and newly derived styles added monthly) ...we provide our retail partner licensees with a very-easy-program to manage, whom already have the POD/DTG/DTC eCommerce set-up (many top retailers going into this direction). We deliver styles digitally and fully POD-ready-formatted. They print and ship only when an order comes in. Simple Right? Yes it is! No wasted garments or over-stock bulk inventory to ever worry about. This also allows our partners to test styles with peace-of-mind. 

Influencers Need Assets: Now offering our assets for short-form-video production, influencer, marketing programs and apps (such as: TikTok, Triller & Reels Influencers, YouTubers, etc): green-screen backdrops, graphics for pop-ups, graphics for overlays, and floating stickers. 

Our Intellectual Property / Assets:

First and Foremost, we are Original Creators whom also protect our assets to the greatest extent. With 25 years in the industry practicing the same method, this brings our licensed program at a great value to partners, retailers and licensees. We utilize all our copyrighted assets and derive newly composed (completed/licensed) styles, and can do so forever. It's always been a great way for us to protect our assets and build our brand's look and feel, while keeping with today's trends. This has granted us a prolific, forth-going, multi-marketplace, ecommerce - real estate, of licensed goods (and licensed digital goods), all under the i-Create brand name.  

Assets as listed:

2300+ (and growing) Fully Composed & Tested POD Ready-to-Go Styles (Print-on-Demand) (includes 3 formats per style/file): High Resolution PNG Transparent (4500x5400), High Resolution PNG Solid w/Backgrounds (4500x5400) , and AI vector editable format per each. This is a growing catalog deriving from our single copyrighted assets below. Not only available for hard-goods and or soft-goods, these assets are also great for avatar and game development for character clothing, decals, environmental art, etc. The PNG solid w/background styles are also great for shareable images as memes, mobile, in AI/AR, fun to use as short-form-video green-screen backdrops, graphic overlays, graphic pop-ups, digital stickers, etc. We also have derived 300 Licensed, High-Resolution JPG, styles (along with their vector originals) into sublimation-template-ready, Face Mask styles (a split combination of adult and kid sizes).

200 Fully Composed & Tested Ready-to-Go POD Repeats/Patterns Styles (combined High Resolution PNG and JPG formats, and AI vector editable format for each). POD ready as well. Also great for mobile (themes, wallpapers and mobile, AI, AR, full size short-form-video green-screen backdrops) and game development (backgrounds and textures). This includes licensing these repeats and patterns to the hard and soft goods accessory and decor market (textiles). Most of the patterns are at 6000x6500 PNG w/backgrounds, and the remainder are arranged in sizes from 6000x6000 JPG, 6000x9000 JPG, and 17000x17000 JPG

1300+ Composed & Tested Meme Like Fun Sharing Images and or Stickers (JPG Formatted). Also be ready for POD on smaller POD items like mugs, etc. Average size of most is 800x800 but some as 1600x1600 and 1700x1700. (this is derived from a larger database of our styles along with mostly vector originals, plus additional styles are part of this collection). Also can be used for short-form-video graphic overlays, graphic pop-ups and digital stickers.


5000 GIFs (various sizes) Colorful 3D Buttons and Mini-Banners - eCommerce & Web Collection - 2500 Static and the same 2500 Animated-Looping-Blinking (Titled: Arrows, Carts, Banner Bars, Link Bars, etc.). Great for fun, shares, eCommerce and for web sites. short-form-video graphic pop-ups and digital stickers.

500+ GIFs (500x500) Animated and Looping, Fun-Sharing (Humor, Lifestyle, etc), Slides/Revolvers (great for image, sticker and meme sharing sites/apps). Can also be integrated into short-form-videos as animated graphic overlays, graphic pop-ups and digital stickers. 

5000 Single Copyrighted Vector AI (Adobe Illustrator, and Legacy) formatted Elements (and CDR Corel Files) (includes: characters, icons, art elements, and so much more) Also includes multiple exported formats for messaging digital stickers, gaming and avatar decals, and so much more). All above content derives from these copyrighted assets. 

Assets above come in multiple sizes from small to large (and many types of product and media formats) for all types of licensing programs as well bringing our asset count to over 10,000 in all.  

Our Licensed Library Includes Styles for just about Every Popular Trend:

These completed styles and single assets cover multiple popular topics, themes, categories, everyday subjects - many age groups (kids, tween, teens, juniors, young men's, women's and men's) and many other genders too - such as: Aliens, Animals, Cats, Llamas, Owls, Dogs, Coffee, Dinosaurs, Drinking, Funny, Icons, Attitude, One-liners, Wordplay, Gamer, Geek, Green, Holidays, Occasions, Horror (Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts, Zombies), Monsters, Lifestyle (Surfer, Skater, Snowboarder, BMX, MX, etc), Tropical/Ocean, Sharks, Urban Fashion, Kids Fashion, Pop-art Fun, Music, Mustache, Nope Not Today, Nope to Satan, Jesus, Peace, Unicorns, Donuts, GUI & Web Touch-points (arrows, buttons, etc), Homework, School, Skulls & Skeletons, Sports (Football, Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, etc), Fitness, Gym, Personal Trainer, Food, Tacos, Mermaids, Goth, Matching Couples Humor, Cannabis, Pride (all genders: Gay Pride, Lesbian, Bisexual, Asexual, Non-Binary, Pansexual, Transgender: In fact - we own one of the largest Pride style-library licensing program out there), and much more. We do all this with our twist on it all and out-of-the-box creations, color and design composition.

-Our Targeted Audiences and Licensee Consumer Base:  Gen-X/Y/Z (Gen-Y is Top Priority) 

-Our Main Popularity in Gender Categories: Juniors, Women & Young Men (Teen+)

-Our Current Growth Trends: Skulls, Sports, LIfeStyle (Skater/Surf), Multi-Gender-Pride, Cats/Dogs, Tigers, Llamas, Owls, Humor, Innuendo and Satire. 

-Our Highest Growth Margin-able Licensed Category: T-Shirts (Face Masks on their Way)  

We keep it all clean and commerce friendly too. We do not do Rated R, Parody of other Brands or Choice of Politics. Our adult styles are PG Rated. Everything is 100% Original. 


Our assets (content and completed styles) are protected under multiple single and compiled registered copyrights, groups and derivatives-of-originals with the Library of Congress. We police our assets daily.

Some of these registered copyrights date back to 1996 and also up to the Current. We have thousands of original, funny, fashionable and composed assets/elements in our personal library and style guide (over 10,000 individual combined formats in existence). Some or our © registrations below.


  • VAu000431566

  • VAu000413564

  • VAu000400692

  • VA0002153230

  • VA0000792226

  • VAu000634261

  • VAu000636014

  • VAu000636015

  • VAu000451937

  • VAu000349226

  • VAu000493180

  • VA0000866051

  • VAu000738534

  • VAu000962172

  • VA0001955702

  • VAu000439697

  • VAu000435823

  • VAu000607402

  • VAu000366377

  • VAu000454409

  • VAu000491451

  • VAu000491452

  • VAu000464144

  • VAu000539166

We have registered over 90 compiled and single copyrights since 1996 in all protecting thousands and thousands of designs/elements/assets combined. We also have registered multiple international trademarks and also a past US registered, interactive children's game - utility patent. 

Monmouth NJ USA        Email: icreateinc[at]aol.com

© 1996-2020 by i-Create International, Inc.