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We provided you with a "LITTLE" sneak peek AT over a 1000 of our trending styles on our home page

and fun character properties like minook and the brainbots and joe ravioli.

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i-Create LLC (formally known as i-Create International, Inc). who has been licensing and distributing its original, fashionable, colorful and fun content since January 1996 (pre-launched in late 1995). We were one of the first to offer originally-created, digitally born assets, as a licensed brand. Our licensed assets have been on hundreds of category products, including international mobile distribution, and especially apparel in multiple mid, mass, value, upper and specialty retailers across the US. Our spin-off programs from partners have showcased our art on many other categories across Retail, Software, Movies and Television.

We re-launched the newer Company: Steve legally acquired all IP from i-Create International, Inc to go into i-Create LLC (i-Create LLC then legally acquired from Steve) and to rebuild the IP for future revenue. i-Create LLC was then launched to take over with a new co-founder (John Campanella). The company has a Strict Business Model: Zero Spend, 100% Ownership of all 100,000+ Digital Assets Out-Right, Early Registered Copyright Protection for All Assets with the Library of Congress (and currently registering more, plus additional trademarks are being registered too), Trustworthy Partnerships across all Verticals, Bootstrapped wisely with Zero Debt, No Overhead and 100% Remotely Digitally Ran. All without a drop of Outside Funding! Not bad for only two people running this in our spare time.    

John Campanella, CEO and Co-Founder:

Engineering, Administration, Payroll, Blockchain Management, Business Development and Licensing Partnerships, IP Filing and Registrations  

(Pacific Northwest, ID)

Steve Campanella, President & Co-Founder:

Artist of all i-Create IP, Asset Library Development, Formatting and Management, Style Guide and Licensing Preparations, IP Pre-Filing Registration Art Preparations

(East Coast, NJ)

The Question we are always asked: Do you two brothers get along? YES!!! and Always Have!!! 

i-Create creates a strong relationship with its partners and believes in transparency when securing new licensing programs and those specific categories secured. Not every licensee is the same, so we have already developed the programs to fit their needs so everyone can be successful. We have also developed our programs so licensees have less approval-worry-times, the art is already prepped in various formats so their creative teams can have less time in production. We master trends with creative derivatives and concepts, all by utilizing our ownership to thousands of copyrighted assets.      

We are the "Original Digital Brand" to look out for in 2022 and Beyond. Growth is the Focus and to stay and be 100% Sustainably Digitally Ran. Home to over 100,000 Digital Art Licensed Assets Combined for eCommerce Goods, Gaming, NFTs, P2E and Mobile. 

Current 2021 Partnership and Launch News through 2022:

  • August 2022: i-Create & Joe Ravioli IP Partners and Collaborates with Plover Animation into the Metaverse with NFTs.  

  • August 2022: i-Create & Joe Ravioli IP NFT Drop Launches Fall 2022 with a New Collaborative Marketplace Partner (News Soon!).  

  • August 2022: i-Create Inks New Decal Decor Partnership (Name Drop Soon!).

  • August 2022: Minook and the Brainbots - Phase 4 "Alien Alphabet" 3D NFT Trading Cards Release on Sweet 8-25-22.

  • August 2022: i-Create NFT Status Update: 30,000 NFTs sold since Mid 2021 (and Counting) New Utility NFTs Coming!

  • i-Create's Rebel World Casino Game After a Year of it's Debut: 850K Game Plays, 30+ Countries - 52 Online Betting Markets (also in some Casinos)  

  • June 2022 i-Create releases 11 weekly NFTs from the Zorgatta Collection of 77.

  • May 2022 i-Create Misfits NFT Launch

  • May 2022 i-Create inks New Retail License with Ata-Boy (Stickers, Magnets, Buttons, Keychains and Lanyards).

  • May 2022 i-Create inks with Top Awarded Licensing Agency to Represent the Brand and Characters 

  • May 2022 i-Create Plans Allen A/P. MacNevets NFT Art Launch (Release Fall/Winter 2022)

  • April 2022 i-Create continues Successfully Launches Donna Misery as NFTs on Sweet and Character Cameos at Hot Topic. 

  • i-Create continues Successful NFT Drops since June 2021. 60,000 more NFTs Planned for Fall 2022 into 2023 (Utilities Coming). 

  • i-Create Secures Copyright Registration for our AV Nerdz NFT Project.

  • i-Create Successfully Launches 2008 Created Art Collection STATION on Sweet (Sold Out!).

  • i-Create Develops 5 New Upcoming 10K NFTs Programs (Joe Ravioli (x2), Dead Icon PFP, axisXY, EMOJINFTees and AVNerdz.

  • Joe Ravioli Makes Debut for Upcoming CHEESIEST imPASTA NFT Project (Fall 2022 Launch). 

  • i-Create Files Trademarks and Copyright Registration (Character and Synopsis) for Joe Ravioli NFT Project.

  • i-Create Secondary Market: Over 5,000 NFTs Listed

  • Sweet / Minook and the Brainbots - November 2021 Launched P2E NFT (Still Current - Phases 1, 2, 3 & 4) 

  • Minook and the Brainbots Secondary Market - Over 5,000 NFTs Listed

  • i-Create iOS/PC/MAC Games: 4 Games Published (More Coming)

  • Triple Cherry / i-Create - Casino Slots Distributed Games (Over 500,000 Game Plays since 3/2021)

  • Bare Tree Media / i-Create - 4 iOS Sticker Packs (including Minook Stickers)

  • Trevco / i-Create - 600 Licensed Face Masks combined and sold on Amazon & Walmart

  • Hot Topic / i-Create - Over 2,500 Apparel SKUs (plus Variants)

  • Box Lunch / i-Create - Over 2,500 Apparel SKUs (plus Variants)

  • Amazon Merch / i-Create - Over 14,000 ASINs Listed (20K Tier - able to sell/list upwards 1.3M ASINs)

  • Amazon Merch / Minook and the Brainbots - Over 300 ASINs Listed 


Our Intellectual Property / Assets:

First and Foremost, we are Original Creators whom also protect our assets to the greatest extent. With over 26 years in the industry practicing the same method, this brings our licensed program at a great value to partners, retailers and licensees. We utilize all our copyrighted assets and derive newly composed (completed/licensed) styles, and can do so forever. It's always been a great way for us to protect our assets and build our brand's look and feel, while keeping with today's trends. This has granted us a prolific, forth-going, multi-marketplace, eCommerce - real estate, of licensed goods (and licensed digital goods), all under the i-Create brand name.  

Assets as listed:

50,000 Generative PNG Random 5x10Ks, plus 55 Auction Pieces, and 2 Gifting Pieces

2600+ (x3) Fully Composed & Tested POD Ready-to-Go Styles (Print-on-Demand) (includes 3 formats per style/file: that's over 7800 combined files): High Resolution PNG Transparent (4500x5400), High Resolution PNG Solid w/Backgrounds (4500x5400) (many of these solid large scale PNGs are also part of Crypto Collectibles in 2021), and AI (Adobe) vector editable and scalable format per each. This is a growing catalog deriving from our single copyrighted assets below. Not only available for hard-goods and or soft-goods, these assets are also great for avatar digital goods and game development for avatar/character fashionable clothing, decals, environmental art, etc. The PNG solid w/background styles are also great for mini-shareable images as memes, mobile, in AI/AR, fun to use as short-form-video green-screen backdrops, graphic overlays, graphic pop-ups, digital stickers, etc. We also have derived 300 (x2) Licensed, High-Resolution JPG, styles (along with their vector AI originals) into sublimation-template-ready, Face Mask styles (a split combination of adult and kid sizes). This collection is also spun into multiple minted NFTs.

200 (x2) Fully Composed & Tested Ready-to-Go POD Repeats/Patterns Styles (combined High Resolution PNG and JPG formats, and AI vector editable format for each). POD ready as well. Also great for mobile (themes, wallpapers and mobile, AI, AR, full size short-form-video green-screen backdrops) and game development (backgrounds and textures). These assets are also great for avatar digital goods (avatar clothing textures/fashionable-graphics, etc). This includes licensing these repeats and patterns to the hard and soft goods accessory and decor market (textiles). Most of the patterns are at 6000x6500 PNG w/backgrounds, and the remainder are arranged in sizes from 6000x6000 JPG, 6000x9000 JPG, and 17000x17000 JPG.

1500+ Composed & Tested Originally Crafted Meme Like Fun Sharing Images and or Stickers (JPG Formatted) (utilizing our Copyrighted assets/elements). Also ready for POD on smaller POD items like mugs, keychains, stickers, etc. Average size of most is 800x800 but some as 1600x1600 and 1700x1700. (this is derived from a larger database of our styles along with mostly vector originals, multiple sized formats, plus additional styles are part of this collection). Also can be used for short-form-video graphic overlays, graphic pop-ups and digital stickers.

150+ Transparent (PNG) Emoji Faces, Skeleton Poses, Messaging Characters, Paint Splashes, Art-Style Elements and More. Great for decaling Digital Compositions and 3D Models.

200+ (JPG) Textures, Backgrounds and other alike Assets. 

5000 GIFs (various sizes) Colorful 3D Buttons and Mini-Banners - eCommerce & Web Collection - 2500 Static and the same 2500 Animated-Looping-Blinking (Titled: Arrows, Carts, Banner Bars, Link Bars, etc.). Great for fun, shares, eCommerce and for web sites. short-form-video graphic pop-ups and digital stickers. Many of these assets can also be used for 3D Buttons inside of Newly Developed Games.


500+ GIFs (500x500) Animated and Looping, Fun-Sharing (Novelty, Humor, Lifestyle, etc), Slides/Revolvers (great for image, sticker and meme sharing sites/apps). Can also be integrated into short-form-videos as animated graphic overlays, graphic pop-ups and digital stickers. 

5000+ Single Copyrighted Vector AI (Adobe Illustrator, and Legacy) formatted Elements (and EPS, CDR Corel Files, along with Bitmap formats) (includes: characters, icons, art elements, in-game digital goods assets, interior/exterior images, A/V transports, arrows, and so much more) Also includes multiple exported formats for messaging digital stickers, gaming and avatar decals, and so much more). All above content derives from these copyrighted assets. "This includes 1400+ Copyright Registered (Year 1996) Fitness Exercise & Gym Equipment Icons composing of three styles in both Color and BW. These were the first Fitness Exercise Icons (and largest collection of its kind) ever established in industry back then. The collection still relates to popular exercise routines and gym-equipment trained on and used today." This full collection translates into 10,000+ assets alone. 

An Additional 10,000+ Assets: Minook and the Brainbots. Created in 1997, this property contains over 100 characters. A tweenage Alien (Minook) and his Bubblegum Brain-Driven Robots (Brainbots), and the Villains (Cyber Mobsters). It houses 10,000+ assets: as icons and composed images in multiple sizes, hundreds of vector formatted character poses, its own alien alphabet, storyboards, NFT art, and so much more.   

All assets above come in multiple sizes from small to large (and many types of product and media formats) for all types of licensing programs as well bringing our asset count to over 100,000 in all.  

Our Licensed Library Includes Styles for just about Every Popular Trend:

These completed styles and single assets cover multiple popular topics, themes, categories, everyday subjects - many age groups (kids, tween, teens, juniors, young men's, women's and men's) and many other genders too - such as: Aliens, Animals, Cats, Llamas, Owls, Dogs, Coffee, Dinosaurs, Drinking, Funny, Icons, Attitude, A/V & GUI Screen Icons, Commercial/Business/Residential Icons and Art, One-liners, Wordplay, Gamer, Geek, Green, Holidays, Occasions, Horror (Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts, Zombies), Monsters, Lifestyle (Surfer, Skater, Snowboarder, BMX, MX, etc), Tropical/Ocean, Sharks, Urban Fashion, Kids Fashion, Pop-art Fun, Music, Mustache, Nope Not Today, Nope to Satan, Jesus, Peace, Unicorns, Donuts, GUI & Web Touch-points (arrows, buttons, etc), Homework, School, Skulls & Skeletons, Sports (Football, Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, etc), Fitness, Gym, Personal Trainer, Food, Tacos, Mermaids, Goth, Matching Couples Humor, Cannabis, Pride (all genders: Gay Pride, Lesbian, Bisexual, Asexual, Non-Binary, Pansexual, Transgender, etc: In fact - we own one of the largest Pride style-library licensing program out there), and much more. We do all this with our twist on it all and out-of-the-box creations, color and design composition.

We keep it all clean and commerce friendly too. We do not do anything above Rated PG, nor Parody of other Brands, or Hunting Animals, or Choice of Politics. Our adult styles are PG Rated too. Everything is 100% Original. We recycle our copyright registered assets throughout our composed styles to keep our IP Strong and Safe too.



Our assets (content and completed derived styles) are protected under Multiple Single and Compiled Registered Copyrights, groups and derivatives-of-originals with the Library of Congress. We police our assets daily.

We didn't just copyright our characters. We copyright everything. This also includes, our single art elements, objects, ink splatters, distressed text/titles/copy, background assets and more which are also protected under of our copyright registrations. This way, many of our completed and derived styles like you see on our home page, can house multiple copyrights within one design themselves. It's years of and a well planned IP strength that we have been known for.

*We have Some Examples of our Single Assets Below* (you can find many of these "and also as combination of assets" on our Home Page derived into Composed Styles. 

Some of these Registered Copyrights date back to 1996 and also up to the Current. We have thousands of original, funny, fashionable and composed assets/elements in our personal library and style guide.


Some or our © Registrations below.


  • VAu000431566

  • VAu000413564

  • VAu000400692

  • VA0002153230

  • VA0000792226

  • VAu000634261

  • VAu000636014

  • VAu000636015

  • VAu000451937

  • VAu000349226

  • VAu000493180

  • VA0000866051

  • VAu000738534

  • VAu000962172

  • VA0001955702

  • VAu000439697

  • VAu000435823

  • VAu000607402

  • VAu000366377

  • VAu000454409

  • VAu000491451

  • VAu000491452

  • VAu000464144

  • VAu000539166

  • VA0002289709 (AV Nerdz)

  • VA0002285476 (Joe Ravioli)

  • JOE RAVIOLI: Filed

  • The CHEESIEST imPASTA: Filed

We have registered close to 100 compiled and single copyrights since 1996 in all protecting thousands and thousands of designs/elements/assets combined. We also have registered multiple international trademarks and also a past US registered, interactive children's game - utility patent. 

*Here's Some Examples of our Main Characters, GIFs and Single Assets Below for Review*